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Genre 1 Picture Books
Children's and Young Adult Literature Review
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My favorite picture book when I was growing up was "Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.

Louie, Ai-Ling. 1982. Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story form China. New York: Philomel. ISBN039920900x

Ai-Ling grew up hearing the story of Yeh-Shen a Chinese folktale dating back to the Tang dynasty (618-907 a.d.). In this Chinese Cinderella story Yen-Shen is an orphan who has to work for her stepmother and her stepsisters. Yeh-Shen only friend is a fish that she has caught and raised. At the end of each day she would visit her friend and share her food with her fish. Somehow her stepmother finds out about Yeh-Shen secret and goes down to the pond to see fish. She leaned over the pond and calls to the fish, but the fish was very smart and hid from the stepmother. However, the stepmother was also very smart, she sent Yeh-Shen to a neighbor to get wood, and had her take off her filthy coat. The Stepmother goes back to the pond and called to the fish. Seeing Yeh-Shens coat the fish comes to the edge of the pond and the stepmother kills the fish and cooks it for dinner.

At the end of the day Yeh-Shen returns to the pond to visit with her pet, she calls out to the fish but it never comes to the edge of the pond. Struck with grief at the lost of her pet she lays by the side of the pond and cries. From behind her she hears the voice of an old man that tells her fish is dead but to collect its bones because they are filled with a powerful sprit. From this point the story follows the traditional path of all Cinderella stories.

Ed Young created illustration have a misty dream like charm. Ed took two years illustrating this book, making two trips to China conducting research into the costumes and land, which the tale takes, place.

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Battle-Lavert, Gwendolyn. 2003. PAPA'S MARK. New York: Holiday House. ISBN 082341650X.

Papas Mark a story about the Fourteenth Amendment granting men of color the right to vote. Simms alwayss at this fathers side is excited about the upcoming election, which will allow all men of color in his community to vote for the first time. Simms watches his father struggled with writing his name night after night. Samuel (father) wants to sigh his name the day he votes instead of making his mark a letter X.

The night before Election Day the men gather at the church to discuss the problems that could arise if they try to vote and the effect it could have on their families. Many of the men decided it was not worth the mob of white mens anger to cast their first vote. Lavert handled this very troubled time in our history with sensitivity and on a level that children can understand.

Colin Bootmans illustrations are in rich earth tones of browns and golds adding tone and feeling to Lavert powerful images.


A Caldecott Celebration: Six Artist and their Paths to the Caldecott Medal, is a nonfiction book that explores the history of the Caldecott Medal along the experienced of six winning artist. The artist selected span six decades of medal winners This book will appeal to children who want to lean more about the illustrators that created their favorite picture books or those interested in the work process of artist that illustrate children's books, educators that want background on the Caldecott medal, or information on the artist for illustrator studies.

Each author study begins with a quote from the illustrators Caldecott acceptance speech. In 1982 Chris Van Allsburgh was awarded the Caldecott for Jumanji, he quoted the following excerpt from a letter written by a child, " Dear Mr. Van Allsburgh.... I am so glad your books are so weird because I am very weird. I think you are weird but great." Next, the author introduces the illustrator to the reader through interesting short vignettes from their lives, incorporating their process for creating the award winning illustration starting thumbnail drawing, to clay model of the scene made by the artist, and finally the final art that is seen in the book. This book does not read as a collection of short biographies the author drawing the reader into the conversation where they learn more about each illustrators work process, and their inspiration for the books illustrations.

Leonard s.Marcus

Rohmann, Eric. 2002. My Friend Rabbit. Connecticut: Roaring Book Press. ISBN0761315357.

Children 4-8 and adults will love "My Friend Rabbit" written and illustrated by Eric Rohmann, winner of the 2002 Caldecott Medal. It is a story about friendship between mouse and rabbit. Rabbit is mouse's truest friend, but trouble always seems to follow rabbit. Mouse lets rabbit play with his brand new airplane, which rabbit gets stuck in a tree. Reader follow the planes flight through dash lines Rohmann helps the reader follow the planes flight through dash lines. The plane gets stuck in the branches of a tree. Rabbit immediately tells mouse, " Not to worry, mouse. I've got and idea!"

Now the trouble starts, rabbit begins to drag various animals over to the tree where the plane is stuck, the first is and elephant, and one by one he bring animals to stand head to toe to reach the plan. Each animal adds to the excitement of the reader waiting to see if rabbit 's plan is successful in reaching the plane. The animals topple to the ground. The animals lay sprawled at the bottom of the tree are very angry at rabbit, but mouse doesn't care rabbit is still his friend and they fly off together in mouse plane.

Eric Rohaman use colored relief prints with bold colors that jump of the page to help tell this story about friendship. There is very little text so the reader must rely on the illustration and their imagination letting this true story of friendship to explode from it pages.

Van Allsburgh, Chris. Two Bad Ants. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. ISBN 0395486688.

Two Bad Ants is a picture book for young children. The first setting is in the ant colony where two worker ants bring the queen a marvelous crystal discovered from a faraway place. The queen declares that it is the best thing she has ever eaten. A group of ant wanting to please the queen set off to bring back more of the crystals to please their queen.

The groups of ants begin their journey marching through the woods, nightfalls and the ant march on using the blinking flash of passing fireflies. They come to edge of the woods and face a large mountain with no peak in sight, it seemed to reach right to the heavens The ants climb up the mountain, reaching a ledge they climb up and into a world of new smells and sights. There is no more wind and no more sky. The world that the ants have entered has smooth shiny surfaces.

Soon the scout fined a, sea of crystals.. One by one they climb down and choose a crystal, and begin their journey home. All except two ants who ask each other, . why go back The ants eat their fill of crystals until they fall asleep. They wake in the morning an their adventure in this new place begins.

Each illustration is from the point of view of the ants. The illustration draw the reader into the story with each page the reader is brought into the ants world. .

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